Hurricane Sandy and Fema Fraud

It’s been over three years since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the east coast. However, it’s effects still haunt the thousands upon thousands of people who must now face the threat of FEMA fraud.

People living across the east coast, whether it be Atlantic City or Long Island, saw their homes battered, beaten, and destroyed. Now after filing their necessary insurance claims for flood and structural damage, victims are facing evidence of FEMA fraud and fraud from the engineering inspectors sent to oversee their homes.
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Those hit hardest have been cheated and scammed out of their insurance claims due to what appears to be a massive cover-up. There is evidence of falsified claims and even unlicensed engineers that point directly at FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program. Due to these unscrupulous acts, victims are left scrambling as they are only receiving the smallest fraction of what they actually deserve.

According to a report from CBS’ 60 minutes and one engineer, most cases of the fraud come in altered reports of officially cited structural damage. Thousands of reports where clear cut Hurricane Sandy-induced structural damage has been indicated now state that the damage was “long-term” or present before the storm hit. In addition, inspectors have even admitted to being forced to sign affidavits stating they agree with the alterations. These falsified reports of structural damage then end up saving the insurance companies millions upon millions.

Companies such as HiRise Engineering, Wright Flood, and U.S. Forensic are now being criminally investigated for such cases of Hurricane Sandy fraud. All of the alleged companies accused of falsifying reports also share another common thread as they are a overseen by FEMA and their flood insurance program, who just so happen to be $23 billion in debt.

Currently, for 5 million homeowners who live in flood zones, the purchase of flood insurance is mandatory under federal law. Of course, these policies come backed by FEMA as well as taxpayer dollars. So this begs the question, where has your money gone?

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