Insurance Companies Involved in FEMA Fraud

The FEMA fraud against Hurricane Sandy victims involves many different industries and companies. This is inclusive of insurance companies, engineering companies, FEMA, and many others. There have been a number of accusations against engineering companies stating they did not have licensed New York engineers conducting the reports. Other accusations are against insurance companies stating that the engineering reports had been changed or altered. Unfortunately, FEMA oversees many of these companies. There are a number of factors and companies that are involved in the FEMA fraud against the Hurricane Sandy victims. Below you will find a few of the major companies that reportedly have a stake in this fraudulent activity.

GEB HiRise Engineering:

The company was founded in 1973 and provides services in design, construction, and real estate due diligence. Design services include bridge design, highway, traffic and transportation design, and civil and site design. HiRise Engineering is also behind construction services in buildings, bridges, roadways, utilities, and contracting. Through their due diligence services, they provide clients with facilities assessments, environmental consulting, and construction management.

Company Overview/Mission Statement:

“GEB HiRise is a client first company, committed to providing our clients with the best technical expertise and top quality strategies to solve their problems and complete their projects. We continually strive to improve our technical expertise through innovation and continuing education and hiring the best and brightest people.”

US Forensic Engineering, Inspection, Failure Analysis

U.S. Forensic was founded in 2006 and prides themselves on their wide range of specialties. Some of their specialties include automotive, catastrophic damage, electrical, environmental, flood, marine, product liability, property, roof damage, and more.

Company Overview/Mission Statement:

“U.S. Forensic provides quality unbiased reports. These include conclusive findings along with repair recommendations, photos, and diagrams. We can also provide schedules and costs of recommended repairs when warranted. All opinions rendered will be based on the facts of the specific assignment, and all work to complete an assignment will be performed under the rules and regulations of the authoritative engineering board of the state in which the evaluation is being conducted. Our experts have testified in local, state, and federal courts.
It is a priority of U.S. Forensic to provide our clients with conclusive, dependable reports that are timely and cost effective.”

Wright Flood Insurance

The Wright Insurance Company is one of the major insurance companies in New York. They have continued to expand over the years offering services in specialty insurance, flood, risk consulting, food programs, and risk management. Wright Flood has been around for over 20 years and work hand in hand with the National Flood Insurance Program to become one of the largest Flood Insurance providers in the United States.

Company Overview/Mission Statement:

“Insuring a home, business or property from a catastrophic flood loss can be confusing. At Wright Flood our sole focus is federal flood insurance and excess flood insurance. We are committed to helping property owners and their agents assess their flood risk, and properly insure it through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).”

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